In general, Quantum Asset Management engages in the following services for clients needing surplus asset management in fields from food services to healthcare to manufacturing to the sciences:

  • Equipment Leasing and Rentals
  • Surplus Equipment Purchase & Sales
  • Appraisals/Plant Liquidations
  • Equipment Search and Referrals
  • Piece by Piece Liquidations
  • Complete Plant Liquidations

This allows your company to focus on doing what it does best.  Our online interface allows you to quickly find the equipment you need and put it to use fast!

Asset Appraisal

We can help provide professional appraisals for equipment and surplus items. The process is simple and straightforward, and reaches an estimation of an item’s value based on a few factors:

  1. The specifications of the asset
  2. Survey of the asset’s condition
  3. Market data analysis
  4. Final estimate of asset value

We provide a special report which summarizes the reasons for our recommended value, and also provides an action plan for getting the most return on resale for the equipment.

Plant Liquidation

Plant liquidation services include surplus disposal services, including equipment research, referral sales, equipment appraisals, equipment rental assistance, and other elements of liquidation as needed. Auction event management, guaranteed purchases, and consignment or commission sales are all within our purview. We work hard to ensure our clients receive formal purchases which meet current market conditions, and aggressively market all equipment to be sold. We strive to provide effective, streamlined, and low-cost solutions for our clients which make the liquidation process less painful.

Shipping Services

Do you require assistants finding qualified freight shipping and forwarding help? We can provide a list of pre-vetted vendors whether you’re shipping locally, nationally, or internationally. Some of our vendors can also palletize or crate your surplus equipment quickly and affordably. If you require a quote for shipping, please use this third-party vendor link.